Leticia Nieto

Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer

I was nearly there, so close to the end, so close to starting to live the life I wanted after all the sacrifices and hard work during the last 4 years and suddenly, one word ruined my plans, my life.


February 2020, I was 31 when the bad news was delivered to me 'you have breast cancer and it has spread to other parts of your body' the doctor said. In that moment, my world fell apart. I was devastated, gutted; I remember how heavy my legs felt, how difficult breathing was and then, I heard a nurse saying 'you have 2 to 5 years left to live'. I collapsed.

It took me a few days to get over the shock and once I did, my levels of fear and anxiety reached top levels after finding out that cancer treatments were going to stop or be delayed due to Covid-19. 


I was terrified about not having options, frightened about having to wait much longer to start the treatment that could save my life. Cancer was not going to stop.


In the middle of this uncertainty, friends helped me to find additional support and along with my much awaited conventional treatment, I achieved total remission after three months of weekly chemotherapy. That day, I promised myself that I would help others in their cancer journey. 

It is very hard to accept you have cancer and stay positive all the way through, but I can say with confidence that you can live a happy life, you just need the right tools and some guidance.


I have created this platform mainly to share information about my own personal experience and all the ongoing research I'm doing with the hope of help others suffering this disease. If you have cancer or are at risk of it and are keen to share your own journey with others, you are more than welcome to contact me.


Let's beat the odds together!

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